Parrish Colman Photography: Blog en-us (C) Parrish Colman Photography 2018 (Parrish Colman Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:41:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:41:00 GMT Parrish Colman Photography: Blog 120 90 " Blood Swept Lands And Seas Of Red " Its been a long time since i last posted on my blog but i feel its time to showcase the wonderful yet emotional poppies of the Tower of London.

Each Poppy signifies and also represents a military person lost in the First World War 888,246 of these men and women . My images cannot do this place justice in any way or form but they can enlighten you to the sheer volume of lost souls....never to be forgotten 

I'm not jumping on a soap box by any means, but upon my arrival to the Tower of London i was astonished to see the turn out of tens of thousands of people of all nationalities paying there respects to the fallen.

Such an emotional time for many and to be honest i found it hard for a while to hold back my own emotions.That said i soon started to enjoy why i came to see these poppies and the craft work involved yet not forgetting why these poppies are laid here creating the  "  Blood Swept Lands And Seas Of Red " an emotional visit and something i will never forget.

In photography terms all images here were taken using the Olympus E-M5 & Olympus 12-40 F2.8  and a few taken using the Nikon D7000 with a Tamron 10-24, Lee Big Stopper with Hitech Grads.



You will also see a few images from around the area at night , please enjoy and spare a thought for those lost to help give us what we have today...... Freedom.






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New Years Day in Holywells Park Firstly let me wish you all a very Happy New wishes to all.


Today the weather was superb in the park with the low winter sun and  a Little Egret seen in flight, always good to see these birds as 10 years ago you would have been lucky to have seen one at all.




  As  i moved around the park in search of Redpolls and Siskins , i was met by at least 2-3 flocks of Goldfinches totalling around 50-60 birds.I followed these to the Beech Mast trees around the wilderness pond and watched them feed while grabbing a few images.



While watching the Goldfinches flit around the tree tops a Siskin joined in the fun..great way to start the new year.

Kingfishers have been pretty active recently and yet again snapped in the glorious winter sunshine.

Last but certainly not least was the ever reliable Robin.

Great start to the New Year...lets hope it carries on :-)

Catch up soon everyone......

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Golden Day on the Park Sunday 16th December


Eventually i get the chance to have a roam around the local park ( Holywells Park ).

Setting off just as the sun started to burn through the mist and cloud at around 8.00am and duly bumped into Bill after a quick chat we went our own ways only to bump into each other an hour later.

Bill pointed out a perched Kingfisher that was quite happy for us to just watch it fish and obviously tease us into a few shots from the camera.Though staying its distance we managed a few keepers.





After we parted i decided to follow up on the Goldfinch flock high in the Beech trees.While i waited for them to come lower in the trees, the sun started to shine and allow me some nice images and the Goldfinches duly obliged.



Moving on to check the Mandarin population i came across the friendly resident Robin commonly known as Robbie...well my pet name i suppose.And of course i just had to photograph him.


Also a fine Great Tit decided to take a look and a pose from this bird was also snapped.


This time of year is very good in the park for Mandarin ducks, right through now for around 6 weeks they will be courting and fighting and impressive sight to witness.


The population has grown over the past few years and last years best count was 23 birds - this year i hope for more but i have my doubts as the breeding season didnt look that good.


Finally id just like to thank the followers of the website, i know its a little raw but as time goes by im sure things will improve and hopefully you will enjoy the journey with me.


Merry Christmas everyone and have a cracking New Year


Best Wishes to all

Parrish Colman Photography



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Felixstowe Today was a day of high expectations in the hope of coming across a few winter birds at Landguard Felixstowe.

Looking for possible Snow Buntings, Purple Sandpipers, Turnstones and Sandlings proved hard to come by for the exceptions of a few Turnstones that were easily spooked.

The Rabbits on Landguard reserve were plentiful and happy to mix with the people.

Starlings everywhere and thats a good sign as we seem to have lost a lot of these birds over the recent years.






I also had the pleasure to try out my new photographic toy, the Lee system Big Stopper 10 stop filter.

Things started off badly, i dropped the glass filter and chipped the that is bad luck.However i do not think there is lasting damage as the results were pretty impressive even for a first time user like me.

Here are a couple of couple images taken today in Felixstowe , one underneath the pier and the other on the newly completed Fludgers prom.





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Robbie Today we have had poor weather so just a brief walk around the local park ( Holywells Park )  and of course no matter what the weather is like , Robbie the resident and friendliest Robin around pops his head up to say hello.

After feeding from my hand its time to head off home as the rain starts to pour down.


Just a quick note to anyone who maybe interested, i now have Calendars for sale and based solely on the Parks wildlife and all images taken in the past year on Holywells Park by myself.


Price of these are £15 at A4 size and have been professionally printed and created.

Please use the contact  button above to the right for further information.



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